(Adopted February 24, 2015)

 Avanos believes that communications between the Board, stockholders and other interested parties is an important part of the Corporation’s corporate governance process.  To this end, the Corporation has established the following procedures by which interested parties may communicate with the Board.

            Stockholders and other interested parties may send written communications to the Board in care of the Lead Director:

  • Lead Director Avanos Medical, Inc.
    5405 Windward Parkway
    Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

            The Lead Director has determined that it would be appropriate for communications addressed to the Board to be reviewed first by the Corporate Secretary’s office.  The Lead Director has instructed the Corporate Secretary to:

  • Refer good faith allegations of improper accounting, internal controls or auditing matters affecting the Corporation to the General Counsel for processing under the procedures established by the Audit Committee.
  • Refer good faith allegations of other improper conduct affecting the Corporation to the Lead Director and the General Counsel.
  • Refer questions concerning the Corporation’s products and human resources issues to the appropriate department in the Corporation for a response.
  • Refer comments concerning the Corporation’s general corporate governance, as well as similar communications, to the Lead Director.

The Corporate Secretary will advise the Board at its regularly scheduled meetings of significant communications from stockholders and other interested parties.